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Square Lox # 4514

Additional info:This image represents a smaller size Square design

Colours (in Photo):Lox background, Natural squares

Size (in Photo):60 x 90cm


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PRICE LIST (15% VAT inclusive)

  Size            Price        
A       60 x 90cm R1200
B 75 x 120cm R2000
C 90 x 150cm R3000
D 85 x 300cm R5700
E 120 x 180cm R4860
F 150 x 210cm R7080
G 180 x 265cm R10700
H 210 x 300cm R14000
I 275 x 360cm R22000
J 290 x 400cm R26000

Pricing Guide

Special sizes can be made for any width between 60cm and 290cm.

Any length may be woven keeping in mind that the carpet weighs 3 kg to 3.5 kg per square meter.

The price for carpet orders is R2250 per square meter inclusive of 15% VAT.

Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery on orders.

Cost of delivery is not included.