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D 102 # 1520

Colours (in Photo):beige, bronze, natural, mahogany and ebony

Size (in Photo):183 x 265 cm

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Carpet Prices (South African Rands)

  Size          Price         
A       60 x 90cm                     R990.00                    
B 75 x 120cm R1650.00
C 90 x 150cm R2400.00
D 85 x 300cm R4700.00
E 120 x 180cm R3950.00
F 150 x 210cm R5800.00
G 180 x 265cm R8800.00
H 210 x 300cm R11500.00
I 275 x 360cm R18000.00

Pricing Guide

Special sizes can be made for any width between 60cm and 275cm and any length can be woven keeping in mind that the carpet weighs 3kg per sqm and must not be too heavy to be handled. Orders that require special dye baths and/or redrawing of the original pattern are calculated at R1950.00 per square metre.

carpets are dispacted via road frieght with UTI .

Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery of special orders.

The above prices include VAT. Cost of delivery is not included